Retail packaging design project: olloclip 3-In-1 camera lens for iPhone

Retail packaging design project: olloclip 3-In-1 camera lens for iPhone

olloclip image 150x150Olloclip engaged G3 Creative to create the retail packaging design for the incredible olloclip 3-in-1 camera lens for the Apple iPhone. Fresh off a successful crowdfunding campaign on, olloclip was ready to go big. The packaging design challenge was to create a small carton that would communicate the unique features of the olloclip and display the product in a viewable, yet secure way. Of course, being an accessory for the iPhone, the packaging design needed to be visually appealing, elegant and high-tech. Also, worthy of display in the Apple Store and other retail stores such as Best Buy and Target.

Early in the creative process, we clearly needed to illustrate that the olloclip was three lenses in one. The three lenses are a Fisheye, Macro and a Wide-Angle. At first glance, the olloclip looks like two lenses, but the Macro lens is accessed by unscrewing the Wide-Angle lens. An obvious solution was to show image examples of each lens. However, the front of the carton was to small and we needed the space to showcase the product itself and show it in use on an iPhone. The solution was a unique set of icons that resemble photo lenses and define the product as being three unique lenses.

Making the olloclip viewable and accessible to the consumer was achieved by creating a custom plastic tray that formed around the product. This design displayed the olloclip through a die-cut window on the front of the carton. The plastic tray is designed to hold the product and insert cards and accessories securely in place. The insert card also doubles as a Fisheye image background behind the product.

olloclip package back 72 187x300The back of the packaging design allowed more space to showcase the three unique lenses. Showing examples of each lens in use along with the icons allows clear communication of the 3-in-1 concept. Also, showing the package contents with the olloclip Wide-Angle lens disconnected allows the consumer to see the three unique lenses.

The olloclip is now a huge success (over $70MM in sales) in the iPhone photography market. There are hundreds of positive reviews from tech leaders such as Engadget and MacWorld. olloclip received “Editors Pick!” by Wired Magazine. YouTube also has hundreds of reviews and “unboxing” videos of the olloclip as well. OC Metro recently named CEO Patrick O’Neill to its 23rd annual “Hot 25”, the hottest 25 people in Orange County.

G3 Creative continues to support olloclip with retail packaging design solutions. We created multi-lingual packaging designs for international markets. We even created a unique package specifically for the Poland market. G3 Creative has also created retail promotional displays for olloclip.

BBQ event logo design

BBQ event logo design

American Family Housing approached G3 Creative to create an event logo and marketing materials for its inaugural Summer festival. The event helps raise funds for their Homeless to Hope to Homes programs. First, the festival needed an identity and naming the event was the first task. It would be a Watermelon Festival, a Summer festival, and a KCBS sanctioned professional BBQ competition. After numerous name submissions, AFH chose “Ribs, Pigs & Watermelons – Summer Festival & Pro BBQ Competition.” With the event now having a name, it was time to have some fun creating the festival event logo.

Ribs, Pigs, Watermelon SketchThe festival needed a fun event logo in line with similar types of festivals. Other BBQ festivals we researched sometimes used a playful illustration of a cow or pig, so we thought this direction was great given the event’s name. Initial sketch ideas showed a pig and a cow in a watermelon patch but needed a unique spin. Half serious and half joking, we thought it would be fun if the bull was cooking sausage links and the pig was cooking a steak. The result was the BBQ dueling pig & bull illustration. The complete event logo soon came together with the addition of the watermelon illustration and colorful typography.

Ribs, Pigs, Watermelon SketchThe initial drawings of the pig, bull, and watermelon were pencil sketched, inked, and scanned. Once in Adobe Photoshop, the image outlines were redrawn digitally using a tablet. The final black outlines were brought into Adobe Illustrator and were live traced into vector art. All of the colorizing and typography were created in Adobe Illustrator for the final logo. Since it was all vector graphics, were able to use the event logo for large applications such as a 30-foot wide street banner, tuck-side advertising, banners and posters. Also, the Illustrator file allowed us to separate the file into eight Pantone® colors for the full-color T-shirt and a two-spot color option for printing on Pink T-shirts for the festival staff and volunteer crew.

All festival materials were well-branded with the event logo and support graphics. Additional items designed for the event by G3 Creative included postcards, flyers, posters, program, web banner ads, digital message boards, vehicle graphics, T-shirts, banner stands, booth signs, event passes, BBQ competition voting cards and game booth signs.

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