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Branding is essential to your success

Branding is an all-encompassing term that comprises all of the ideas, values, purpose and meaning of your brand and translates that “essence” into a story across multiple media that people can connect with.

Many people think a brand is simply a logo or identity, but it consists of so much more. We help companies develop their brands to help them achieve their marketing goals and objectives. We start by asking questions and learning about the vision, history, people and purpose behind the brand. As visual communicators, it is our job to understand the vision and translate that into every project we touch. We love logo design, a simple visual mark that can communicate so much. There must be critical thinking and creative ideas to achieve a successful logo design, and the same thought and creativity must be applied to every project we touch.

Consistency is the key

In today’s world, a brand must maintain consistency through every aspect of marketing. Our professional approach to every project means that we care about our client’s vision and message. We are involved with every aspect of graphic design, marketing and advertising to execute this professional consistency through visual solutions. Everything that requires a visual representation of a brand must deliver the brand promise through authenticity, quality design and consistent messaging.

We are creative professionals with backgrounds in branding, graphic design, art direction, web design & development, SEO and online advertising. Our team consists of creative professionals with technical expertise. Our Online Marketing team deeply understands online search engine algorithms and performs advanced optimization for SEO content marketing and Google Ads. Our team is focused on using our skillset and strengths to build brand awareness to help our clients achieve their sales and marketing goals. 

g3 creative consistency is the key
g3 creative branding perception is reality

Perception is reality

Every client wants a return on investment (ROI), and we understand that marketing is an investment. We have tools to track and measure online metrics such as effective SEO growth and online adverting costs for impressions, acquisitions and conversions. However, measuring the success of a brand’s impression on people can only be measured by how it is perceived and valued by people. Our clients trust us to deliver that highly valued perception in everything we do. We want to work with companies that have a great story and have people with high integrity that we can partner with to achieve success in building their brand. Our goal is not just to create a quality perception of your brand but to visually communicate the reality of the high-quality products, services, and values that make your company exceptional.

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